College Prep for Musicians™ is a company dedicated to helping students find their passion within the field of music. Founded in 2015, our mission is to provide a complete picture of the process of applying to music schools, and to equip students, parents, teachers, and counselors with the tools to successfully navigate that process. Particularly if you are concerned about the viability of a career in music, the comprehensive book and the information-packed online course will tell you what you need to know. In addition, College Prep for Musicians™ offers tangible resources including a map of universities, colleges, and conservatories for music study, along with a listing of college music scholarship opportunities, summer programs, community programs, youth orchestras, and College Prep for Musicians’™ own scholarship fund to underwrite the expenses of college auditions. If you think a career in music is unattainable, this information will help you achieve your dream.

Course Creator & Author Team

Annie Bosler


  • Professional Musician & Teacher
  • 100% track record guiding musicians with college choices

Don Greene


  • Peak Performance Psychologist
  • Expert in audition nerves

Kathleen Tesar


  • Enrollment Management Professional and Musician
  • Over 20 years in music admissions


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Clarineat podcast hosted by Sean Perrin

Contrabass Conversations hosted by Trevor Jones