About the College Prep for Musicians™ Course

The College Prep for Musicians™ Course was designed specifically for middle school and high school students wishing to major in music.  

If you have ever wondered…

How do I determine which schools to apply to?

How do I make a music résumé and a repertoire list?

Even if I got in, how do I afford to go to the college of my dreams?

How does the pandemic affect the music application process?

What do I do with a career in music?  


Then this is the course for you!

The College Prep for Musicians™ Course is the first of its kind.  Drs. Annie Bosler, Don Greene, and Kathleen Tesar have concentrated all of their information in one place within a course that can be self-guided. This material has helped hundreds of young performing artists improve their skills and win auditions. The eighth month course contains a brand new College Prep for Musicians™ Assessment, Exam Skills Assessment, downloadable PDFs, edit-ready documents,  organizational spreadsheets, and videos. 

The College Prep for Musicians™ online self-study course has everything you need to know about applying to college. This six-module course is a must for middle and high school students who want to pursue music studies in college. The information delivered in the seventeen lectures covers organizational tools, preparation assessment, career options, and more. Students, parents, teachers, and counselors can all benefit from this comprehensive approach to demystifying the process. Useful aids such as repertoire spreadsheets, an audition matrix, PDF guides, and other tools are included.

Who is this program for?

  • The middle school or high school student who wants to study music in college
  • The parent who wants to understand how applying to college as a music major is different from applying to other majors
  • The teacher who wants to learn revolutionary approaches to preparing their students for college auditions
  • The counselor who wants a deeper understanding of applying to music schools in order to help and support their students
  • A current undergraduate senior wishing to pursue a master’s degree in music
  • A current undergraduate student planning to transfer to a new school

Course Creator & Author Team

Annie Bosler


  • Professional Musician & Teacher
  • 100% track record guiding musicians with college choices

Don Greene


  • Peak Performance Psychologist
  • Expert in audition nerves

Kathleen Tesar


  • Enrollment Management Professional and Musician
  • Over 20 years in music admissions

Self Study

8 months Access


  • Seventeen Lectures
  • Organizational Tools
  • Exam Skills Assessment & Profile
  • College Prep for MusiciansTM Assessment & Profile
  • High School Timeline
  • How to Choose Your School
  • College Admission Process Inside Tips
  • The Application Matrix
  • Audition Preparation
  • Financial Aid Overview
  • Pandemic Tools
  • Downloadable Templates & Spreadsheets
  • Access to a Closed Facebook Group
  • Access to Zoom Group Sessions

College Prep for Musicians™ Course Curriculum

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Module 1: Welcome & The Basics
Welcome! (7′ video, PDF)
What It Means to Major in Music (10′ video)
High School Timeline (26′ video, PDF)
Vocabulary (16′ video)
Module 2: Choosing and Applying to Your Schools
Choosing Your Schools (19′ video, spreadsheet)
The Application Matrix (16′ video)
The Application (17′ video, PDF, 2 .docs)
Organizing Your Application Material (7′ video, spreadsheet)
Module 3: Prescreening, Auditioning, and The Mental Game
Prescreening (19′ video)
Managing Your Repertoire (12′ video)
Auditioning (11′ video)
The Mental Game (34′ video)
Module 4: Outcomes
The Application & Audition Outcome (13′ video)
Financial Aid (25′ video)
Module 5: Assessing Yourself
College Prep for Musicians™ Assessment & Profile (41′ video)
Exam Skills Assessment & Profile (23′ video)
Module 6: Pandemic Tools and Q&A
Pandemic Tools (2 PDFs)
Questions (39′ video)

Frequently Asked Questions.

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When will I have access to this course?

Access to the College Prep for Musicians™ Course begins as soon as you purchase it.

How do I access the course materials after signing up?

Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive an email with instructions and instantly have access to the entire course via your collegeprepformusicians.com account.

Can I use this material with a large group of people?

There are licensing options available for larger groups (i.e., community schools, youth ensemble, libraries, and music education programs). Please email info@collegeprepformusicians.com