Individual Sessions

Annie Bosler


Dr. Annie Bosler is available for individualized advising and college prep sessions. She specializes in working with middle and high school students on time management, practice habits, audition preparation, and goal setting, and has a 100% track record of students getting into music schools. As part of this process, she enjoys helping students choose their list of colleges using the matrix she has developed that has led to her own students having very successful college outcomes.

Speaking Engagements

Interested in hosting a College Prep for Musicians™ presentation for your community school, high school music program, youth orchestra, or choir? Drs. Annie Bosler, Don Greene, and Kathleen Tesar are available for online presentations and masterclasses covering a variety of topics including: applying to music school, organizing the application process, what it means to “Major in Music,” financial aid, careers in music, managing performance anxiety, focusing strategies, building confidence, strengthening courage, and developing mental toughness.

Licensing Materials

The College Prep for Musicians™ Course is available for licensing to community schools; youth orchestras; after-school programs; band, orchestra, and choir programs; private lesson teachers; college counselors; guidance counselors; etc. to give their students who are interested in majoring in music a well-rounded look at the process of applying to college. The resources available for licensing include the online course and Assessments.