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New! Online Self-Study Course

The College Prep for Musicians™ online self-study course has everything you need to know about applying to college. This six-module course is a must for middle and high school students who want to pursue music studies in college. The information delivered in the seventeen lectures covers organizational tools, preparation assessment, career options, and more. Students, parents, teachers, and counselors can all benefit from this comprehensive approach to demystifying the application process. Useful aids such as repertoire spreadsheets, an audition matrix, PDF guides, and other tools are included.


College Prep for Musicians™: A Comprehensive Guide for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Counselors is a one-of-a-kind book that gives a complete picture of the process of applying to music schools. Each of the three authors brings a different perspective and background to the subject, from top conservatory admissions experience, to years of teaching and professional performing, to Olympic coaching and audition preparation.

College Prep for Musicians™ decodes the complex process of choosing schools, clarifies the vocabulary around the admission process, and shows students exactly how to prepare their best audition. Young musicians will be able to follow detailed plans to get organized and to communicate with music schools and conservatories. This book provides tools, teaches habits, and demonstrates skills that students can use for the rest of their careers. College Prep for Musicians™ will help young musicians achieve their dreams.

Scholarship Program

College Prep for Musicians™ is excited to announce the start of a scholarship program for high school students to aid in the expense of the college application process. The scholarship can be used for campus visits, trial lessons with music professors, recording expenses, music school application fees, and travel. The program will be open to applications in the spring of 2022. How can I support a young music student in need?